Optimize efficiency – High Performance

Based on the results of the business check up, a proposal is created including various solutions in order to improve the businesses internal functions and its overall performance.

In our proposals we offer solutions for all business functions such as:

  • Proposals to improve access to funding resources.
  • Process improvements of cash flow management.
  • Budgeting και Reporting processes (periodic reports, key performance – or Success – Indicators.
  • Optimization of internal inspections by including them in the day to day workload.
  • Improvement proposals to internal management processes.
  • HR Development.
  • Transfer of best practices regarding recruiting, promotions and staff compensation.
  • Cost analysis to evaluate which activates can be outsourced.
  • Improvement proposals of the existing sales network.
  • Optimization of procedures referring to incoming orders and credit control.
  • Optimization of production process, inventories and logistics.
  • Optimization of cost accounting process for products and services.
  • Improving of costing process and preparing business proposals.
  • Development of High Performance strategy and Business Plans.

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