Outsourcing CFO services

We are flexible, always working around your needs. Proof of this policy is our Financial Officer Service.

At High Performance Consulting, we have incorporated flexibility into our work relation, always focusing on the customer. This translates into relationships of various forms such as an ad hoc project or services which are offered repeatedly on a timely basis such as our Outsourced CFO Service. This service offers you all the benefits of a full time Financial Officer without the full time costs.

Some of the services offered from our Outsourced CFO Service include:

  • Monitoring and reviewing of cash flow.
  • Control and management of credit policies.
  • Strategical planning.
  • Budgeting and budget audits.
  • Recurring forecasts.
  • Business analysis.
  • Implementation of company policies.
  • Developing of an accurate filing system.

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