Exports Outsourcing

Planning, coordination and implementation of all the export operations of a company, offering the infrastructure of a well organized Export Department, with which we support the organization, development and monitoring of the company’s exports.

HPC has developed an integrated business methodology covering all export functions, from the strategic planning of the export activity until the organizational development in foreign markets, sales and marketing, planning and implementing, with full support on all export procedures.

The areas covered in regard of the export activities are:

  • Export strategy and export marketing.
  • Strategic planning of the development plan of a company’s exports.
  • Market research and product marketing research.
  • Selection of target markets, as these arise through particular market research and study.
  • Design of sales policy, marketing and organizational development in the foreign markets.
  • Export procedures and risk management.
  • Research and implementation of requirements that products must meet in terms of manufacturing and packaging standards, as also in issuing the necessary documents and certificates from Greek and other institutions and organizations.
  • Ways to promote exports.
  • Connection with distribution networks.
  • Implementation – Sales Support abroad.

HPC offers you access to:

  • specialized and experienced executives
  • good practices in export activities
  • specialized information and databases
  • the necessary infrastructure and equipment

HPC adapts to the needs of businesses, to their export objectives and their organizational structure, through different levels of supporting services and tools which has developed for the exports administration, offering benefits such as:

  • Power of an export Department but without the engagement of additional human resources, avoiding the search procedures of suitable executives, their management and training, or the internal monitoring of lengthy export procedures.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to the needs of a business as also to its budget, offering outsourcing possibilities for all or some of the export operations, to all or specific foreign markets, either already engaged in export activities or willing to start, regardless of the size or the sector in which it operates.
  • Access to specialized information and also to the necessary infrastructure, but without the cost of investment that should be undertaken in the event of a decision to built an Export Department within the company.
  • Rational management of all the functions relating to a company’s exports, without the company having to spend valuable time for their administration.

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