Financial Consulting

HPC, founded by consultants with long term experience in Banking and Financial institutions, offers, within a comprehensive line of services, impressive prospects in planning finance and re-financing efforts, in optimizing cash flow and return on capitol giving your business room to grow. Ensuring not only beneficial financing or refinancing terms and increasing cash flow but also a positive credit analysis review of your business.

The managing of financial resources has a special place among the tools used by management to improve the competitive advantage of their organization. Consulting services in this area strive to optimize management practices, improve access to various financial resources and capitol markets or by taking corrective actions regarding in place, inefficient practices implementing financial management tools and techniques to decrease the effects on company debt. (See also: Outsourcing CFO Services)

Select Financial Consulting Services

▪ Credit Planning

Credit Analysis

Planning of credit policies

Evaluation of credit proposals

Improvement of credit ratings

Optimization of credit data

Improvement of relations with credit institutions

Reduction of financing costs

Improvement of financing terms

Finding financing resources

▪ Supporting financial management

Transactional Analysis cycle

Working capital analysis

Cash flow analysis

Liquidity creation

Cost accounting

Creation of cash flow reporting

Budget planning

▪ Financial analysis and planning

Preparing of Financial plan

Forecasting of financial aggregates

Analyzing financial statements

Comparative analysis of competition

Assessment of investment plans

Risk assessment


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