Funding programmes

European Union Funded Programmes, NSRF, Investment Incentives  Law

We have extensive experience in research projects, studies preparation and grants’ project management (3d CSF, National Strategic Reference Framework, Incentives Investment Law, Leader, Transnational European Programmes, etc.)

With the high level of professionalism of our consultants and detailed procedures we can guarantee that any analysis, study or plan developed and submitted are complete and cover all the requirements of each funding programme.

Our customer support policy contains:

  • Continuous flow of information to all customers on new funding programmes
  • Guidance in developing investment plans
  • Review of all documents within the submission file
  • Completion of any required analysis need for the completion of the submission file

After the approval of funding:

  • Monitoring of implementation
  • Review of all invoices / documents
  • Submission of all review reports

For scheduled investments, please fill out our Contact Form so that we can inform you immediately of probable funding.

Renewable Energy Sources

HPC cooperates with institutional investment groups whom desire to invest in projects concerning renewable energy sources in Greece.


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