Other services

  • Risk Analysis

Crisis Management

In situations where the company’s credit rating is low, we can provide the following solutions in order:

  • For management to define and implement the required actions to raise credit rating and return to business as usual
  • To raise the proper financial resources
  • To include the company’s investment plans in a funding program
  • To approach a strategic investor

We can also provide support to any organization in re – introducing them into the market, after the crisis has been resolved.

Risk Management

We offer a comprehensive system of risk management which considers all company functions and areas of business. Some of the services offered:

  • Categorizing and prioritize all risks and dangers.
  • Developing strategies and solutions which result in the efficient resolution of and situation.
  • Defining the functionality of the system in order to improve forecasts of imminent dangers and risks to the company’s sustainability.
  • Cost Management


▪Pricing Strategy

  • Various Evaluations

▪Audit of Balance Sheets (full or concise)

▪Fraud investigations

▪Due diligence or limited review

  • Other

▪Completion of file transfer pricing

▪Evaluation of bonus system for sales personnel

▪Evaluation of company insurance policies

▪Other requested audits


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