Financial Planning

Financial planning, as an independent subsystem within the total system of financial management allowing organizations to plan, monitor and control their financial position on a mid term basis. This proposed method of Financial Planning is characterized by its use of historical accounting data to define the financial position of the company.

HPC, with it’s in depth experience in this field, can efficiently implement financial planning processes and develop, if needed, support software for the planning, monitoring and analysis of the results and effects on the organization.

The above make it possible to:

  • forecast basic financial indexes and results of the organization (financial reports, forecast of budgets, income statements, cash flows, economic indicators),
  • formulate alternative plans on the basis of various economic scenarios and company performance, and the evaluation of the effects on forecasted financial indexes,
  • monitor the effort to achieve business objectives,
  • identify and analyze discrepancies between actual and forecasted,
  • implement corrective actions and / or reassess financial plans of the company.

Simultaneously, financial planning is an important part of any business plan, since it is the foremost source of information and review data on the implementation of the predefined general directives and goals.

Financial planning systems must be flexible and adapted to the needs of each company regardless of size.

HPC’s proposals on financial planning try to match financial resources to specific business needs to support businesses on their journey to achieve high performance !


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