Business Check Up

This is our business diagnostic model for each section of a company. Its purpose is to identify and target areas where processes need to be reengineered and/or organizational restructuring must occur.

Through our business check up a company can have a clear picture of its operations and formulate a restructuring and development plan.

The business sections examined are:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Funding resources and processes to attain new funding
  • Cash flows and cash management
  • Financial reporting and data collection processes
  • Account receivables and payment processes
  • Information systems
  • HR Assessement
  • Internal management processes
  • Company identity and product/service marketing
  • Sales promotion and network
  • Production and cost accounting of products or services
  • Supplier evaluations
  • Inventories and logistics

The main purpose of the ‘Check Up’ is to evaluate and measure the pulse of the organization. To listen to and understand its internal operations in order to diagnose existing or potential problems and formulate possible solutions.

The initial benefit any organization has from the business check up is that it receives a comprehensive report of all the critical points that reduce productivity, obstruct growth or simply represent a hidden danger that has not yet given symptom.


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