The implementation of investment plans is a complex process combining finance, investment, accounting, and legal experts. HPC supports you in the implementation of your business initiatives, all over Europe, with a comprehensive list of services.

  • European Programmes

European Programmes are funds coming directly from the European Union’s Budget and cover priorities, as defined by the European Union. They are of competitive and transnational nature, thus participation of partners from more than one member state is obligatory. These programmes are managed at central European level.

  • Co-Funded Programmes

These programmes concern priorities that are identified mutually between the European Union and each member state  in the frame of wider developing programmes. They are co-funded from the European Union as well as the National Budget. The transnational dimension is not demanded, therefore, member state bodies can participate solely. These programmes are managed in the member state, while the European Union reserves the right to monitor them.

  • National Programmes

National Programmes are funds coming from the National Budget, tailor made to meet state aid regulations and concern goverment priorities. These programmes are managed centrally in the state.

Proposals & Studies submission for projects promoting:

  • Private investment and development
  • employment in there respective areas
  • competitiveness
  • restructuring of areas of production
  • capitalization of business opportunities
  • efforts to protect the environment and save energy

HPC offers:

  • Information
  • Planning
  • Completion of analysis and required studies
  • Support and project management for businesses of the private and public sector.


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