Goals – Values

Our goals

  • High performing results for our customers, emphasizing empowerment and measurable added value to each stage of a company’s growth cycle.
  • To create the premise to ensure the competitive advantage, attain funding; achieve solid growth of the company.
  • The total satisfaction of our customer’s demands, understanding their needs and offering optimal business solutions, quickly achieving the best possible results.

We aim to offer innovative yet practical solutions which correspond to the needs of a world in continuous change, utilizing motivated and talented professionals, creating powerful alliances with strategic partners, resulting in a model workplace and maintaining long term relations with our customers.


Our company values include:

  • Integrity: we support the ethics of professionalism which relies on honesty, credibility and trust.
  • Modesty: we espouse a down to earth attitude which focuses on the essential.
  • Teamwork: we adopt mutual respect and interest, solidarity, sensitivity, communality and faith when dealing in human relations.
  • Leadership model: we support leadership in order to free the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Daring: we encourage risk taking in order to attain goals.
  • Promoting innovation: we promote innovation as a means to creativity and an accelerator of events.
  • Commitment to our customers: we aim to create long term relations with our customers based on the satisfaction of their needs.
  • Aim for excellence: we utilize all our energy to increase quality while remaining flexible and focused on continuous training.

The means

Human Resource of the highest caliber both academically and professionally, whose personal goals coincide with the goals of HPC.

Processes that are based on the triptych: “Innovation, Flexibility, and Increased Value Added”

Knowledge which continuously is enriched and enhanced, incorporating all the latest developments

Technology at the service of business development.


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