HPC has successfully offered its consulting services to a large number of companies and organizations from all sectors of the economy (industrial, service and trade sectors).

HPC possesses both the experience and the academic background to implement modern methods and practices of management.  The company’s main concern is the continuous monitoring of developing trends and practices and the successful transfer of these to our customers.

Our extensive experience and the successful completion of all projects assigned has driven many companies, from different markets, to trust and select HPC to complete projects critical to their future growth.

We go even farther for you…!

There are many reasons to trust HPC with the future of your company. These are:

  • We can secure additional funding for the implementation of your investment plan from banking, national and European organizations.

In this way, not only do we minimize risk but we create more possibilities and increase return, improving the competitiveness of your company.

  • We correlate your best interests with ours. Our interest is genuine and our vision mutual.
  • We offer a safety net for the successful implementation of your investment plans.
  • We offer high quality services and even more, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • We guarantee the comprehensive and in depth analysis of each business plan.
  • We retain complete control of each phase of every project.
  • We enrich your contact network with new partners cultivating conditions for synergies and optimization of results.
  • We strengthen your confidence in the local and international markets with strategic development steps and mainly
  • We always go even farther for you… Our support for your business plans continues even after the completion of each project.

And that ‘extra mile’, adds even more value to our partnership and to your company.


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