Human Resource

Essentially, our most valued resource at HPC is people. The basis of our human resource policy at HPC is centered on empowering our people and that is what drives our success.  

HPC invests systematically in the continuous strengthening and development of its human capital.

We employ individuals that have many years of experience and specialization, high academic achievements and professionalism. A majority of our staff have postgraduate titles, while many have been employed by international organizations and MNCs in Europe, Asia and the US.

All personnel have access to state of the art information technologies which increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, even when facing the most complex problems under strenuous conditions. Also, HPC encourages and supports continuous training and the diffusion of gnosis obtained or developed, in order to stay aware of all the new developments in the business environment and to be able to successfully meet upcoming challenges.

At HPC the combination of experience with the innovative use of new technologies is our “guarantee” for a successful solution.

With this, HPC can successfully face the various peculiarities of each market.

At the same time the company promotes values which enhance our competitive advantage such as teamwork, creativity and a focus on results.

The people at HPC share the company’s vision and support its goals, while enjoying an environment of mutual trust, respect and social responsibility.

Moreover, in order to successfully cover all areas of expertise that may be needed during a project, HPC has developed an international network of partners including individuals highly respected in their particular field.

The high caliber of our staff and partners combined with our value system can guarantee:

  • The quality of our services
  • Our deepest commitment to our customers
  • The transfer of know how and modern practices in management, and
  • Complete and efficient resolution of each issue and challenge which today’s companies and organizations face.

‘‘ Perfection at work presupposes the satisfaction from work ’’



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